Multi Axle Weighbridges Manufacturer in Nepal

Multi Deck Weighbridges Manufacturer in Maharashtra

Multi Deck Weighbridges Manufacturer in Maharashtra:

We at “Expert” are providing a sample of 15 unbeatable years of weighing solutions. such as industrial truck scales, weighing scales, industrial weighing, and automation. We are highly knowledgeable in this field. We have a manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, that is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

In Ahmedabad, Exelon Weighing System is a top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of weighbridges of all types. In accordance with their demands, we are providing the highest quality products.

Multiple deck weighbridges are actually a design variant rather than a different kind of weighbridge. Multideck weighbridges, for instance, might have an above-ground, partially underground, or totally underground design. The number and size of the decks can vary depending on your needs. The length of the decks need not be the same.

The benefit of a multiple deck weighbridge is that individual axles or axle groups can be simultaneously and separately weighed. This is perfect for weighbridges whose main purpose is to record axle breakdown weights.

The relevant weighbridge type (above ground, semi-pit, or totally inground) must still be taken into account. To prevent deck movement, mid-deck restraining devices are often fitted between decks. A specially designed, sophisticated digital weight terminal is offered, which can add the weight of all decks and display either the entire weight or the weights of each individual deck.

We Provide Multi Deck Weighbridges Manufacturer in Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Vasai-Virar, Solapur, Bhiwandi, Amravati, Kolhapur, Akola, Latur, Jalna, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Parbhani, Dhule, Nanded, Jalgaon, Ahmadnagar, Chandrapur.

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