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We at ‘Exelon’ offer an extract of 15 invincible years of Weighing Systems. I.e. Industrial Truck Scales, Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing, and automation. We are having thorough expertise in this industry. We have AN ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of All Types weighbridges in Ahmedabad. We are offering best quality Products as per customized requirements as per their Demands

multi deck weighbridges

Multiple deck weighbridges are really a variation of a design, rather than another weigh bridges type. for example, multideck weighbridges may be an above ground, a semi-pit, or a fully inground design. The number and length of the decks very according to your requirements. Decks need not be of the same length. 

The advantages of multiple deck weighbridge is that individual axles, or axle groups, are weighed individually and simultaneously. This is ideal for weighbridge that wil be used to record axle breakdown weights as it’s primary function.


Multi - Deck Truck Scale

Consideration for the corresponding weighbridge type (above ground, Semi-pit and fully inground) still apply. Mid deck restraining assemblies are typically installed between decks to limit deck movement. A purpose-built, intelligent digital weight terminal is provided which can sum the weight of all decks and can display the total weight or individual deck weights.



Deck construction

: Mild Steel Construction


Weighbridge width (standard)

: 3 m, 3.4 m


Weighbridge length

: 4 m to 5.0 m


Standard Size

: 22m X 3m (3m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (7m x 3m) + (6m x 3m)


: 24m x 3m (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m) + (6m x 3m)


Weighing components

: MS / Stainless Steel


Load cells

: PRE-CAL Type (Stainless Steel or Tool Alloys Steel Type)


Load cell capacity

: 30 Mt / 40 Mt Each

Ÿ  Load cell protection class

: IP68, IP69K


Weighbridge Capacity

: 30/50/60/80/100/120/150/160/200t

Ÿ  Maximum rated axle load

: 23.5 t tri axle over 1.2 m axle spacing


Operating temperature

: -60° c to + 50° c (-76° F to 122° F)



: -10° c to + 40° c (4° F to 104° F)


Side rails

:  Above ground systems only

Ÿ  Easy access to load cells

:  Yes


Unmanned operation

: Optional

Exelon – Multi-Deck Truck Weighing System is a Rugged, Reliable, And Accurate Weighing System.

  • Accurate weight the first time & every time
  • In-motion or static weighing modes
  • Multiple pad configuration
  • Fast, economical installation
  • International design and technology
  • User friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Simple onsite test calibration and servicing
Multi - Deck Truck Scale

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