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We at ‘Exelon’ offer an extract of 15 invincible years of Weighing Systems. I.e. Industrial Truck Scales, Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing, and automation. We are having thorough expertise in this industry. We have AN ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of All Type weighbridges and their Parts in Ahmedabad. We are offering best quality Products as per customized requirements as per their Demands.

Weighbridge Digitizer

‘Exelon’ Intelligent Terminal (EIT) is a state of art weighing terminal first of its kind in India designed for weighbridge applications. EIT has a unique feature with a 7″ TFT high-resolution color display which makes it beyond comparison to any other weighing terminal in the market. EIT is a substitute for the computer used for weighbridge applications to generate weighment slips, reports, SQL data management & printing.

Digitizer - 1245-M


  • Rugged and Robust design for use in harshest environment
  • Attractive enclosure with high resolution 7″ TFT colour display
  • Sleek table top design
  • High recored storage


  • Five customized fields like Vehicle number, Commodity, Party etc can be set as per requirements
  • Code’s can be generated & stored along with tare weight of vehicle for repeatedly use data, helps in speeding up weighing operations
  • Operator prompting menu based user friendly operations
  • Reports like Date wise, Vehicle wise Commodity wise, Party wise etc can be generated, Printed & exported (CVT file format) in USB
  • Name & Password of operator’s can be set for shift wise operations
  • Calibration reminder can be set with name of Inspector, Contact details & Verification Certificate number
  • Three different attractive colour themes settable by user as per their choice
  • Built in GSM Modem for SMS facility (Optional)
  • External SD Memory Card (Optional)


EXELON intelligent terminal is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environments. The software has been developed in such a way that it fulfills most of the requirements of weighbridge data management. This is a RAM/ Rom based system and does not have any rotating parts such as hard disc and hence gives you trouble free / reliable performance. This intelligent Terminal can drive any size of LCD/LED/CRT monitors and is suitable for all weighbridge platform sizes


  • High Bright RED LED / LCD Display
  • USB port for Keyboard
  • Inbuilt Data Storage Facility
  • Facility to send SMS for weighment record (Optional)
  • Facility to send Auto E-mail Data Transfer Facility (Optional)
  • Field programmable 10 subtitles for ticket data entry
  • Coding facility (100 codes for 4 entries)
  • Field Programmable Pre-printed tickets
  • Vehicle-wise data entry and report printing
  • Multi level passwords for security (Dynamic or Regular)
  • Optional LCD with back light control for data entry

technical parameters


: 32 bit Processor

Processor clock frequency

: 50 MHZ

Real time clock

: On board battery backed RTC (32.768 KHz.)


: Capable of storing 200000 to 250000 records

Power supply

: SMPS power supply

Input Voltage

90V to 300V AC @ 50Hz

A/D Converter

: 24 Bit Sigma Delta type

Load cell exciation

: 8V DC, Can drive up to-12 load cells of 350 ohms each


(A) 750mA fuse for input AC mains

(B) Input line filter for EMI and RFI suppression

(C) Spike suppressor for input transients

(D) Opto-isolation of signals for high immunity from Electrical noise

Power Consumption

10 VA (approximately)

Display (standard)

: RED LED / LCD Display

Keyboard port

: Alphanumerical with USB compatible keyboard

USB Port

: USB Port for Keyboard (Data Entry)

Printer port

: Isolated Centronics compatible printer port provided on rear panel for connecting 80-column dot

matrix printer for printing of weighment records and reports.

Serial port

RS-232 serial port is provided for computer interfacing, remote displays or modem

Remote Display Port

: Remote display port is provided to connect optional LED display (various size)


Transmission facility to connect wireless peripherals


Operating temperature: 0° to +65°C


up to 95% RH non-condensing


Dimensions: 294 mm (w) x 220 mm (D) x 210mm (H)


2.5 kg (approx.)

We ensure about quality goods