Movable Weighbridges

We at ‘Exelon’ offer an extract of 15 invincible years of Weighing Systems. I.e. Industrial Truck Scales, Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing, and automation. We are having thorough expertise in this industry. We have AN ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Movable Weighbridges in Ahmedabad. We are offering best quality Products as per customized requirements as per their Demands

modular weighbridges

Modular Truck Scale needs no foundation, just smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest. This saves lots of cost and time. Pit / Pitless weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months while Modular Truck Scale can be installed in 2 hours. The modular design helps in easy cost-effective transportation and re-installation.

Main feature of Modular Weighbridge is “Ease of Erection”. Modular Weighbridge can be dismantled easily and again erected with ease at any other location.

Modular Weighbridge

This is a new and revolutionary concept that offers high level of accuracy and lowest level of maintenance than major of the other weigh bridges. Available in both pit and surface mounted variants; modular weighbridge provides a very cost-effective system for a wide range of applications. 

All the weighbridges available today whether pit or pitless requires civil foundation costing at least Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.6 Lakhs. This could be minimized to a great extent by installing our weighbridge. Our weighbridge could be installed as a pit-mounted or pitless type permanently in a site if the need arises. We hope that your choice of adopting the latest technology in weighing system is much brighter and hence, we kindly request you to consider our offer favorably.


In the case of surface mounted weighbridges, approach ramps are required which can be of concrete or steel structure. Remember that ramps take the brute force of being hit by a vehicle as it mounts the ramp. Concrete can offer longevity, while steel is ideal if the weighbridge is likely to be moved.


  • Raft foundation helps in Low cost of ownership.
  • Strong construction, reliable & long life
  • Fully Welded Platform Structure
  • Flexible Module Design
  • Easy loading/unloading Quick Installation
  • Box Channel (Hollow) & Fully Welded I-Beam Type
  • Checkered & Plane plate with anti-skid strips
  • Platform Length : 6 Meter ~  24 Meter
  • Platform Width : 3 Meter  ~  4 Meter
  • Accuracy Class : OIML approved Class – III
  • Weighing Capacity : 200 t
  • Both Side Vehicle Guide Rails
Modular Weighbridge

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