Movable Weighbridges

We at ‘Exelon’ offer an extract of 15 invincible years of Weighing Systems. I.e. Industrial Truck Scales, Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing, and automation. We are having thorough expertise in this industry. We have AN ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Movable weighbridges in Ahmedabad. We are offering best quality Products as per customized requirements as per their Demands

modular U type (orthotropic) weighbridges

EXELON truck scales series is a new generation product with a more robust and more durable platform structure of U beam, the main beam is made of rigid sections modular like I-Steel, and more than 6mm beam thickness bending by machine to ensure the complete structure of the platform is durable and good quality. High-quality steel plates are selected and used for its top platform, and the scale platform is reasonably pieced into 6 pieces of beams in the closed frame. 

6. Modular (Orthotropic) U-Shape Type

Platform welding with special technique CO2 carbon dioxide gas arc welding and auto submerged arc welding, precision measure the space positioning and advanced welding technique to ensure the platform space geometry-dimension and the rational distribution of weld stress.


We manufacture superior weighbridge structures employing globally accepted technology of Closed Orthotropic sections. The structures are manufactured by using closed orthotropic sections U beams. Each module is seal welded including the top plate, and side plates, and contains orthotropic beams, as depicted in the GA drawings. This orthotropic geometry offers even load distribution throughout the structure. When there is concentrated loading on the structure there is minimum deflection and the load transfer is always vertical on the Load cells. This results in highly accurate weighment. In bolted I beam-based structures, the strength of bolts becomes very critical and sometimes leads to failure. As orthotropic structures are completely welded, the chance of structural failure is minimum. 

These superior structures are designed using the latest CAD and CAE procedures. Each structure is analyzed through our advanced structural software. These structures are also tested by using actual weights. The complete structure is fabricated using grade-specific HT steel plates of Jindal/Essar which have much higher strength than the commercially available steel plates used by local fabricators. Compared to I beams available in the market which are re-rolled by many manufacturers, the thickness of the flange and web varies along the length of the beam leading to lower structural strength. However, Jindal/ Essar sheets are of consistent thickness. There is no chance of structure buckling, even on large loads, as these are closed sections. 

Top plate thickness of 10mm and no splice joints or butt welds across the length of the beams. Quick and trouble-free installation by means of male/female construction. These structures are of considerably lower height compared to I-beam-based structures. This reduces the cost of civil construction, as the ramp size is reduced. In addition, Non-Destructive tests are used to test the strength of each fabricated structure in an actual loaded condition. There is more corrosion possibility in I-beam-based structures as the beams are always exposed to an environment wherein closed Orthotropic sections, there is no option of moisture Ingression as the complete structure is seal welded. This increases the life of the structure.

All welding is done by MIG and SAW technology using HT wires, which are compatible to the grade specific steel used in the structure fabrication. Structures are treated with Pre-Treatment chemical before painting to get rid of any scales/rust/oil/grease to ensure proper adhesion of primer and paint. Double layer of epoxy-based primer on all sides and epoxy based final paint (Oxford Blue shade) on the exposed surface to give a superior appearance.

6. Modular (Orthotropic) U-Shape Type

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