Electronics Weighbridges

We at ‘Exelon’ offer an extract of 15 invincible years of Weighing Systems. I.e. Industrial Truck Scales, Weighing Scales, Industrial Weighing, and automation. We are having thorough expertise in this industry. We have AN ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Pit Type weighbridges in Ahmedabad. We are offering best quality Products as per customized requirements as per their Demands

bulker loading system

We have supplied various Bulk Loading systems and Spouts for Cement ,sand and other Bulk materials.  We are incorporating the concept of Loss in Weight Calculation in Bulk filling. It means that wherever there is no facility of weighbridge or Solid Flow Meters, our Programmable system fills the material as per the Target Value.  For Example, if there is a collecting bin of capacity of 30 Tonnes, we can fill a Bulker of 12 Tonnes, 10 Tonnes and 08 Tonnes after each filling of Bin.  Once the Bin is empty, it again fills the material for further dispensing.  These systems are most accurate and efficient for Bulk filling.

12. Bulker Loading System



  • Customers ask for the required quantity of cement to be filled in Bulker
  • Cement plants weigh the empty truck and goes to the packing plant for direct filling of cement.
  • In packing plant cement is loaded on to the bulker up to % capacity and asks the truck driver to go the weigh bridge to know the quantity of cement that has been filled.
  • The above process is made several times and one point of time the cement that has been filled exceeds the required quantity.
  • Further compressor has to be used to suck the cement back, still the exact quantity may not be obtained and requires excess cement to be sucked and the whole process is repeated until required quantity is loaded.
  • This is a strenuous and laborious process to fill the target weight as required by the customer.
  • Spillage of cement is more.
  • Filling is at one point and weight ticket is issued at a different location.
  • Filing process is not professional
12. Bulker Loading System


  • Weighbridge is installed underneath the filling chute.
  • Truck weight will be Zeroed before the filling of cement starts
  • The target weight required can be directly filled in one single shot
  • Provide Suitable controller/ PLC control/ Automated software with complete protection.
  • Provide suitable controls to operate different types of valves.
  • Separate 4- 20mA output
  • Dedicated Graphics Weight controller approved by Legal Metrology
  • Software program to suit customers’ requirement



  • Single weighment
  • Proper alignment of Chute with Bulker filling mouth
  • Filling area will be clean
  • Movement of Trucks will be smooth
  • Loading time is saved
  • Operator time is saved
  • Operator need not monitor the weight
  • Weight ticket can be issued at the filling point itself
  • Fuel saving
  • Power on usage of compressor will be saved
  • Compressor work is eliminated
  • Additional High bright extra display provided for the truck driver to know the weight without entering into the weigh room
  • Spillage of cement will be considerably reduced.
  • Excess filling is avoided resulting in saving of money.



  • Sensor fitted to ensure that filling starts only after truck is positioned on the platform.
  • Software program is made such that the filling valve opens only with minimum truck weight
  • feeders for safety.
  • Signal post to ensure that truck driver leaves the platform after green signal only ie only after the complete filling is completed and chute is lifted up.
  • Hooter also provided to inform the driver to leave the platform Emergency stop provided to stop the filling process in case of emergency.

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