Bulker Loading Facility in Rajasthan

Bulker Loading Facility in Rajasthan

Bulker Loading Facility in Rajasthan:

Various Bulk Loading systems and Spouts for cement, sand, and other bulk materials have been provided by us. In bulk filling, we are implementing the idea of loss in weight calculation. This means that our Programmable system fills the material in accordance with the Target Value when there is no weighbridge or solid flow meter equipment.

For instance, if a collection bin has a capacity of 30 tonnes, we can fill a bulker with 12, 10, and 8 tonnes after each bin fill. It refills the substance for continued dispensing after the Bin is empty. For the bulk filling, these techniques are the most precise and effective.


 Customers request that Bulker be filled with the necessary amount of cement.

When a truck is empty, cement companies weigh it before sending it to the packing factory for direct cement filling.

In the packing facility, cement is put into the bulker up to a certain percentage of its capacity, and the truck driver is instructed to go to the weighbridge to find out how much cement has been loaded.

The aforementioned procedure is repeated multiple times, and at some point, the amount of filled cement surpasses what is needed.

Even after using a second compressor to suction the cement back, the correct amount may not always be achieved, necessitating the suction of extra cement. This operation must be repeated until the needed quantity is loaded.

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