Supplier of Truck Weigh-In-Motion in Bangladesh

Supplier of Truck Weigh-In-Motion in Bangladesh

Exelon Weighing System is an ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. Supplier of Truck Weigh-In-Motion in Bangladesh.
We have been Manufacturing ISO-certified Industrial Truck Scales, Laboratory Balance & Industrial Automation with the objectives to cater to quality and aim to serve the entire weighing system to our domestic and international clients.

What is Truck Weigh-In-Motion?

Trucks with axle loads higher than legal limits cause a disproportionately higher percentage of damage to the infrastructure and adverse impact on traffic safety.
Exelon Truck Weigh in Motion System (TWIM) is a robust, reliable, maintenance-free weighing mechanism designed for use on highway entries with non-stop heavy traffic.
Weighing accuracy and performance are approved for trade use and for law enforcement purposes.
When speed is critical and vehicle weighing is an integral part of the operation, the Exelon TWIM system provides significant cost savings over full-platform and axle scales.
The vehicle loads (wheel, axle, GVW, load ratios) are automatically analyzed and compared to legal limits, and results are displayed on the operator’s PC monitor, the driver gets the corresponding printout and the data are also recorded for further reporting or can be sent via LAN or Internet to the server

Benefits of Truck Weigh-In-Motion

Improved Traffic Flow: By measuring the weight of moving trucks without requiring them to stop, WIM systems enable a smooth flow of traffic at weigh stations,
reducing congestion and delays on highways.

Enhanced Efficiency: WIM technology provides real-time weight data, allowing for more efficient enforcement of weight regulations and identification
of overloaded vehicles, leading to improved road safety and reduced wear and tear on infrastructure.

Cost Savings: WIM systems help optimize the use of resources by identifying compliant vehicles for bypass, reducing the need for
unnecessary inspections, and enabling targeted enforcement actions, resulting in cost savings for transportation agencies.

Data-driven Decision Making: Authorities can use the weight data collected from WIM systems for data analysis and informed decision-making,
including determining weight restrictions, planning maintenance schedules for bridges, and assessing the impact of heavy vehicles on road infrastructure.

Application of Truck Weigh-In-Motion

Weigh Stations: Weigh stations use WIM systems to efficiently and accurately measure the weight of moving trucks, enabling streamlined traffic
flow and effective monitoring of compliance with weight regulations.

Toll Booths: WIM technology can be integrated into toll booths to collect weight data from trucks in real-time, enabling the
enforcement of weight-based tolls and ensuring fair usage of road infrastructure.

Bridge and Pavement Monitoring: WIM systems installed on bridges and road surfaces provide continuous monitoring of the
weight and axle loads of passing vehicles, assisting in assessing the structural integrity of bridges and determining maintenance schedules for roads.

Logistics and Fleet Management: WIM systems are utilized by logistics companies and fleet managers to monitor vehicle loads,
optimize routing, and ensure compliance with weight restrictions, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Exelon Weighing System is a Supplier of Truck Weigh-In-Motion in Bangladesh.
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