Supplier of Self-Contained Weighbridges in Bhutan

Supplier of Self-Contained Weighbridges in Bhutan

Exelon Weighing System is one of the leading manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Movable Weighbridges in Ahmedabad.
Our Self Contained truck scales are completely self-contained, have minimal foundation requirements, and feature a low-profile design, making them easy to set up
or move to wherever you need a portable vehicle weighing system. Supplier of Self-Contained Weighbridges in Bhutan.
There is no pit required, just a concrete or wood timber base. We build all our scales with high-quality steel, ensuring they are legal for trade.
They are designed for long-lasting durability and superior performance. The scales feature easy access to the load cells, which makes future service calls quick and efficient.
Our scales also come with man-way access hatches for easy cleaning and come in custom lengths and widths.
We have accessories in stock, including portable scale shacks, programmable weigh indicators, traffic light control systems, and software.
Portable and easy-to-install mobile weighbridge for convenient weighing on the go. Provides accurate measurements and supports various load capacities.
Self-contained weighbridges find application in industries such as logistics, transportation, mining, agriculture, waste management, and construction for precise weighing and load management.”

Features of Self-Contained Weighbridges

Easy Installation: We design them for easy and quick installation, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
Self-Contained Design: These weighbridges come with integrated components such as load cells, indicators, and junction boxes, providing a
comprehensive weighing solution in a single unit.
Multiple Load Capacity Options: Self-contained weighbridges are available in various load capacity options to cater to the diverse weighing needs of different industries.
Low Maintenance: These weighbridges require minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs and ensuring long-term reliability.

Exelon Weighing System is a Supplier of Self-Contained Weighbridges in Bhutan and various locations like Chhukha, Daga, Gasa, Gelephu, Ha, Jakar, Lhuntshi, Mongar, Paro, Punakha, Samtse,Thimphu, Tongsa, Wangdue, Phodrang, Zhemgang Etc.

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