Bulker Loading Facility

Supplier of Bulker Loading Facility is Bangladesh

Supplier of Bulker Loading Facility is Bangladesh
We are a manufacturing enterprise with ISO 9001-2015 certification.
Exelon Weighing System, situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is a prominent global producer, exporter,
and supplier of Multi Deck Weighbridge in Ahmedabad.

We have supplied various Bulk Loading systems and Spouts for Cement, sand, and other Bulk materials.
We are incorporating the concept of Loss in Weight Calculation in Bulk filling.

It means that wherever there is no facility of a weighbridge or Solid Flow Meters, our Programmable system fills the material as per the Target Value.
These facilities are crucial in industries like agriculture, mining, construction, and logistics, where large quantities of materials need to be transported
in bulk to various destinations.


Efficiency: Bulker loading facilities can load bulk materials much faster than manual loading methods.

Safety: Loading facilities for bulkers help prevent accidents by reducing the generation of dust and fumes.

Accuracy:Bulker loading facilities enable users to load bulk materials to a precise weight, which prevents overages and shortages.

Environmentally friendly: Bulker loading facilities can help reduce the environmental impact of loading bulk materials by decreasing the generation of dust and fumes.

Exelon Weighing System is a Supplier of Bulker Loading Facility is Bangladesh, serving various locations, including Bhairab, Bogra, Brahmanbaria,
Chandpur, Chowmuhani, Chudanga, Comilla Sadar Dakshin, Faridpur, Feni, Jessore, Jhenaidah, Kadam Rasul, Kaliakair, Kushitia, Naogaon, Narsingdi,
Pabna, Saidpur, Satkhira, Savar, Tangail, Tarabo, Tongi.

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