RCC Weighbridge Expert

RCC Weighbridge Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

RCC Weighbridge Manufacturer in Ahmedabad:
With steel prices on the rise, installing concrete platform weighbridges makes a lot of sense. Aside from being inexpensive, it has a great strength and is almost maintenance-free, requiring no painting every year. It has a 100-year lifespan vs the 15-year lifespan of a normal steel platform. Concrete platforms have been used in the industrialised world for over 30 years due to their advantages. In Europe, concrete platforms are used in 95% of electronic weigh bridges.

We are one of the leading RCC Weighbridge Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and export our weighbridge to various location around the world such as Nairobi, Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Qatar, Dubai, Australia.

Advantages of RCC Weighbridge:
1. Long Life
2. Better Strength
3. No Rusting
4. Cost Effective

The cost savings increase as the platform grows longer. Longer vehicles and trailers are becoming more common in modern transportation. Longer variants, capable of carrying bigger weights, are being introduced by MNC truck manufacturers, such as Volvo, who have begun manufacturing in India. The concrete platform weighbridge can withstand more weight. As a result, all modern bridges seen on city streets are either concrete or composite.

When a heavily loaded truck approaches the weigh bridge, it jerks violently when braking. As a result of the vibration, the load cell’s life and accuracy are diminished, and it must be kept to a minimum.

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