Rail Weigh-In-Motion Weighbridge

Rail Weigh-In-Motion Weighbridge Manufacturer

Exelon Weighing System is the world’s top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of High-Speed Rail Weigh-In-Motion Systems.
We are an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing firm based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Rail Weigh-In-Motion Weighbridge Manufacturer.

Rail WIM weighbridges find wide usage in various railway applications, including freight monitoring, axle load control, overload detection, revenue protection, and asset management.
They are designed to comply with international weighing standards and regulations, ensuring accurate and reliable weighing for rail vehicles.

Exelon Weighing System is capable of accurately capturing and recording the weight data of each rail vehicle, including total weight, axle loads, and individual wheel loads.
This continuous weighing process allows for efficient and uninterrupted weighing operations, eliminating the need for trains to stop at static weighing stations.

The Rail Weigh-In-Motion system from Exelon Weighing System offers the following functions:

Measurement of vehicle and train weight
Vehicle identification, classification, and statistics
Accurate speed measurement
Detection of unbalanced vehicle loading
Detection of axle parallelism
Condition monitoring of wheels and bogies
Self-monitoring with frequently used and known vehicles

Benefits of our system include:

Excellent system accuracy at operational speed, based on piezoelectric force measurement
Outstanding long-term and temperature stability
Additional functionalities
Simple and fast installation
Site assessment and adaptive system layout to reduce the influence of vehicle dynamics
Generation of comprehensive train reports and flexible data protocols
Negligible aging effects and minimal maintenance effort

Exelon Weighing System is a manufacturer and supplier of Rail Weigh-In-Motion Weighbridges in Gujarat and other various Locations Bhutan, Maharashtra, UAE, Bangladesh.

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