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Mobile Weighbridges Manufacturer in Africa

Mobile Weighbridges Manufacturer in Africa:

 Portable weighbridges were created for the mining, quarrying, and construction industries, which require the weighbridge to be moved from site to site.

Traditional weighbridges have massive platform weights and high civil foundation expenses. This makes relocating the weighbridge from one location to another exceedingly expensive, as larger trucks are required to transport them and costly civil work must be condemned at the old site and rebuilt at the new site. The time required to dismantle and re-commission conventional weighbridges are huge, significantly increasing the cost of relocation.

Expert, one of India’s most successful weighing manufacturers, has developed a Portable weighbridge (Movable Weighbridge), which eliminates all of the above problems and thus enables speedy movement at a very low cost.

Expert’s movable weigh bridge is made completely of steel, making it lighter and easier to transport. The civil foundation work required is minor and can be completed in about two days. The weighbridge itself can be built in a matter of HOURS.

We Provide Mobile Weighbridges Manufacturer in Africa and we supplier to products in various locations like Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Burundi, Angola, Chad, Algeria, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Benin, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mali, Gabon, Morocco, Uganda, Kampala, Jinjha, Ghana, Zambia.

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