Exporter of Multi Deck Weighbridge in Nigeria

Exporter of Multi Deck Weighbridge in Nigeria

Exporter of Multi Deck Weighbridge in Nigeria:

Exelon Weighing System, holding ISO 9001-2015 certification, offers an extensive range of weighing solutions.

The company’s product portfolio includes Weigh Pads, Modular Weighbridges, Pit-type weighbridges, Pitless-type weighbridges, Multideck weighbridges, Bulker loading facilities, RCC weighbridges, Off-Road weighbridges, and more.

Exelon designed its Multideck weighbridge to accurately measure both the total gross mass of the vehicle and individual group axles.

A typical multideck weighbridge comprises four platforms, with each platform functioning as an individual weighbridge, measuring the weights of vehicle axles, including the steering axle, drive axle, first trailer axle, and second trailer axle.

The primary advantage of a multideck weighbridge lies in its transaction speed, providing all necessary masses for regulatory compliance and legal trade weighing in a single step.



Accurate weight measurements every time

In-motion or static weighing modes

Multiple pad configuration

Fast and cost-effective installation

International design and technology

User-friendly operation

Simple installation

Easy onsite test calibration and servicing


Geographical Coverage:


Exelon Weighing System serves as an Exporter of Multi Deck Weighbridge in Nigeria and various locations like Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin City,

Port Harcourt, Jos, Ilorin, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Zaria, Warri, Maiduguri, Aba, Bauchi, Akure, Abeokuta.


Interested parties can contact Exelon Weighing System for further information.