Supplier of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion in Bhutan

Supplier of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion in Bhutan

Exelon Weighing System an ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. Supplier of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion in Bhutan
We have been Manufacturing ISO-certified Industrial Truck Scales, Laboratory Balance & Industrial Automation with the objectives to cater to quality and aim to serve the entire weighing system to our domestic and international clients.

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What is Medium Speed Weigh in Motion?

Medium speed weigh-in-motion (WIM) is a technology that allows vehicle weights to be measured while the vehicle is in motion. It enables efficient and non-intrusive vehicle weighing, giving data for traffic monitoring, weight enforcement, and pavement study. At moderate traffic speeds, medium-speed WIM systems often provide accurate weight measurements.

Benefits of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion

Efficiency & Time Savings: Because medium-speed weigh-in-motion eliminates the need for vehicles to stop for weighing, traffic flow and delays are improved, boosting overall operational efficiency.
Non-Intrusive and Continuous Monitoring: Vehicles can be weighed without the requirement for physical engagement using medium-speed WIM, providing for seamless and continuous monitoring of traffic weight data.
Weight Enforcement and Compliance: Medium-speed WIM systems aid in weight enforcement by ensuring that vehicles adhere to legal weight restrictions, reducing road damage, and improving highway and bridge safety.
Data for Pavement Analysis:Accurate weight measurements generated by medium speed WIM systems give vital data for pavement study, assisting in the design and maintenance of road infrastructure for optimal performance and longevity.

Application of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion:

Traffic Monitoring and Planning: WIM data is used to monitor traffic patterns, vehicle classification, and weight distribution, providing valuable insights for transportation planning, infrastructure optimization, and traffic management.
Weight Enforcement and Compliance: WIM systems help enforce weight regulations by identifying overweight vehicles, enabling authorities to take appropriate actions and ensure compliance with legal weight limits.
Pavement and Bridge Analysis: WIM data is utilized for assessing the impact of vehicle loads on pavements and bridges, aiding in pavement design, and maintenance schedules, and identifying potential areas of concern for infrastructure stability and safety.

Exelon Weighing System is a Supplier of Medium Speed Weigh in Motion in Bhutan
Bhutan Including Chhukha, Daga, Gasa, Gelephu, Ha, Jakar, Lhuntshi, Mongar, Paro, Punakha, Samtse, Thimphu, Tongsa, Wangdue, Phodrang, Zhemgang Etc.

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