Single Axle weighbridge Supplier in Nepal

Single Axle weighbridge Supplier in Nepal

Single Axle weighbridge Supplier in Nepal. Exelon weighing system has an ISO: 9001 – 2015 certified manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.
We have been Manufacturing ISO-certified Industrial Truck Scales, Laboratory Balance & Industrial Automation with the objectives to cater to quality and aim
to serve the entire weighing system to our domestic and international clients.

To quickly and promptly deliver quality service that fully meets our client’s needs. To support the growth and well-being of our community and all our employees.

We are Ensure about Quality Products and Good Services. We are Committed to Customer Satisfaction. We are committed to delivering the best quality products on time.

Why Use Signe Axle Weighbridge 

  • Simplify stock management by accurately measuring and logging the movements of bulk materials.
  • Ensuring that vehicles are properly loaded will increase their operational life, road holding, and safety.
  • Time is saved by weighing moving vehicles.
  • Verify that your vehicles are operating within the prescribed weight restrictions.
  • Why Get rid of fines and court fees, which are expensive and inconvenient?
  • Prevent overloaded vehicles from invalidating your insurance coverage.

Low Cost
Dynamic Weighing
Enduring Strength
Faster Information
Versatile Load Management

Application of Single Axle weighbridge

A single axle weighbridge, also known as a single axle scale or single axle weigh scale, is a type of weighing system designed to measure the weight of individual axles of vehicles.
It consists of a platform equipped with load cells that support the axle and accurately measure the weight applied to them.
Single axle weighbridges have various applications across different industries, including:
Transportation and logistics
Construction and mining
Agriculture and farming
Waste management
Vehicle manufacturing and testing
Research and development

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