Modular Weighbridge By Exelon Weighing System

Exelon Weighing System is One of Leading Modular Weighbridge Exporter And Manufacturing Company.

We are Export Modular Weighbridge In Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Australia, Qatar, Uganda , Bangladesh, Nepal

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All Type of Weighbridge Manufacturing By Expert weighing Solution Like Pit Type Weighbridge, Pit Less Type Weighbridge, Mobile Weighbridge and Modular Weighbridge

We Are Also Provide Weighing Automation Products Like Unnamed Weighbridge, Bag Felling Machine, Weighing Hopper, Weighbridge Software Plant Automation and Online Weighing Conveyor Belt

Details of Modular Weighbridge :-

This is a new and revolutionary concept that offers high level of accuracy and lowest level of maintenance than major of the other weigh bridges. Available in both pit and surface mounted variants; modular weighbridge provides a very cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. 

All the weighbridges available today whether pit or pitless requires civil foundation costing at least Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.6 Lakhs. This could be minimized to a great extent by installing our weighbridge. Our weighbridge could be installed as a pit mounted or pitless type permanently in a site if need arises. We hope that your choice of adapting a latest technology in weighing solution is much brighter and hence, we kindly request you to consider our offer favorably.


In the case of surface mounted weighbridges, approach ramps are required which can be of concrete or steel structure. Remember that ramps take the brute force of being hit by a vehicle as it mounts the ramp. Concrete can offer longevity, while steel is ideal if the weighbridge is likely to be moved.